Hi folks,

I’m writing to advise you on the status of coronavirus response plans at St. Ignatius.

This afternoon, in conjunction with the Quebec government’s requirement to cancel all events of 250 people or more, the bishops of Quebec made a decision to cancel all weekend masses for the public until further notice. Please note that this is being done for precautionary reasons and to slow down the spread of this disease so that the public health system is not overwhelmed.

Here at St. Ignatius, we’re also cancelling all large group events for the coming week, including the Worship Night this Saturday evening, and postponing Alpha on both Saturday, March 14th and Wednesday, March 18th.  

We will consider further adjustments for the following week based on the guidance of the government and the bishops.  We will use email, text, and our website to let you know about further changes or cancellations.

Without Sunday mass collections, we may face a serious shortfall in revenue.  These will be tough times for all, but we at St. Ignatius are committed to serving and supporting our community throughout this crisis.  We ask you, then, to please consider taking a moment to sign up for online giving if you haven’t already done so. Online giving can take the place of regular envelope donations, now and in the future.  Go to stig.ca/giving to learn more.

How will this affect my Sunday mass obligation?

Under these circumstances the obligation to attend mass on Sunday has been dispensed and the faithful are encouraged to spend some time on Sunday reading the Scriptures of the day or watching mass on TV or over the internet. 

Click here to access the readings for Sunday

What about weekday masses?

Because of the small number of people who attend weekday masses, we can currently celebrate those masses with the public. Therefore they will be held as usual:  Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 9am, Tuesday at 7pm.

Will the church and the church offices be closed?

Our intention is to continue the practice of making the church open and available for private prayer from 8am to 4pm.  In addition, the church office will continue to operate as usual.

What about Mass intentions?

Weekend masses will be celebrated privately, therefore any mass intentions will be fulfilled. 

How can I access the livestream of mass?  On Saturday, we will send out information about where one can view a mass on the internet.  

Where can I find out more?

Statement from the Archdiocese


Guidelines from the Province of Quebec


We continue to keep in our prayers all those who are affected by the coronavirus directly or indirectly, along with all those in positions of leadership in science, health care, and government as they use their best judgment to make decisions for the safety and well-being of us all.

We also encourage you to remain calm, despite the very real concern and stress that some of you might experience. And we thank you for all of your efforts in doing your part to control the spread of this virus. We remain united with you in prayer.

God bless,

Father Mike