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“Catch the Wave” is our Sunday morning community for kids.

Until the restrictions on in-person gatherings are lifted, we invite you to join in by watching the video, coloring the Worship Bulletin, and using the conversation starters to help kids enjoy the celebration of the mass. 

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Sunday, Jan. 17

Here I Am, Lord!

This week’s video is chock-full of interesting stuff.  Check out our special guest interview with Soukeina, and see if you can find a picture of Father Mike in this week’s animated gospel story!

Questions for family discussion:

1.  God communicates with us in different ways.  Some people hear God in words.  Some people sense God through their feelings.  And some recognize God through signs of his presence in the world.  Which of these do you like best?

2.  The gospel talks about how God invites us to come closer to him.  Can you think of someone who would enjoy hearing God’s invitation? 

3.  Soukeina sings a simple song, “Here I Am to Worship.”  Try singing that song together – it’s easy and fun!

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    Catch the Wave is a dynamic experience for children ages 3-12.  We aim to truly bring joy as your children participate in a community of prayer, learning, and fun.

    Registration required, but there is no charge.  


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