Our Sunday program for kids

September 15 is the first day of our new season.  See you soon!


Catch the Wave is a dynamic experience for children ages 3-12 during the 11:00am Sunday Mass.  We aim to truly bring joy as your children participate in a community of prayer, learning, and fun.

Registration required, but there is no charge.  Just visiting? Let us know when you arrive at church so we can sign your children in.

How does my child check in? How does dismissal work?

If your child is in PreK or Kindergarten, you need to bring them directly to the Lounge before mass and sign them in.  After the homily, the children will be brought upstairs and delivered directly to you.  Come to the area at the Right Front of the church.

Kids in Grades 1-6 should check in at the sign-in table in back of the church and receive a nametag.  The kids sit with parents at the beginning of the mass, and then they are blessed by Deacon Marco and sent downstairs to the Hall.  They will come back upstairs to rejoin you after the sermon ends.


Where can I park?

Street parking is available. Also, there’s paid parking on the Concordia Campus behind the church building. Limited parking passes available — contact the office for more info, using the “Questions” form at the bottom of this page.

I'm just visiting. Can my kids attend Catch the Wave?

Sure!  Please let us know at the sign-in desk so we can give them a temporary nametag.  If you would like to come down with your child, that’s okay too.  

What happens at Catch the Wave?

It’s about a half hour in total.  We begin by gathering the group together for the reading of the gospel.  Then they break into small groups by age level for some discussion and hands-on activity.  They are dismissed all together and brought upstairs.

Are there programs for kids at all the masses?

Currently, we only offer a children’s program during the 9:00 mass.  However, kids are always welcome at the 4:30 and 9am masses too!


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