Every Thursday
3:30 to 9pm

A free, fun,
+ welcoming space
for ages 12 to 18.

It builds authentic friendships and allows young people to discover Jesus’ love. IgNation runs weekly on Thursdays and is split into three parts:



Drop-in is all about carefree timelessness. There’s time for homework (with help!), video games, ping pong, board games, and lots of room to chill. Bring your friends and hang out!



Sit down with friends, enjoy a (usually hot!) meal, and then lend a hand to clean up for IgNite, which takes place right after. We ask guests to sign up the week of the event, so as not to waste any food.

Although IgNation is meant to be free, donations are truly appreciated! This allows for our program to grow and go on for years to come!



IgNite is your chance to freely explore life’s big questions in a safe, respectful environment. IgNite begins with prayer or worship, then there is a talk/activity and ends in small groups and discussion. IgNite aims to bring us closer to each other and to God through prayer and meaningful conversation.


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