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UPDATE:  Changes to the Confirmation Process

Why are we making a change?

For some time, we’ve been looking at models in other churches where Confirmation takes place in high school.  We feel that with greater maturity, young people can enter into a discipleship pathway and make a well-informed decision to request Confirmation.  Hence we are moving further away from a “schooling” model to a format that helps teens develop a relationship with Jesus and gives them the capacity to maintain and grow this relationship over time, supported by peers who are on the same journey.  

What does this mean for your family?

What this means is that we’ll no longer be offering formal Confirmation preparation in Grade 6.  Instead, kids in Grade 6 can continue to come to (or watch) Catch the Wave on Sundays and engage in prayer and worship with the church community as usual.  Once they are in high school, they can join Youth Ministry to prepare, in a structured way, not only for Confirmation but for an ongoing life of joy and purpose through a relationship with Jesus.   

What more will this offer your child?

A key dream is that kids will develop deep and lasting friendships in their church community, where Gospel values of kindness, patience, and honor are encouraged and supported.  Too often, when Confirmation coincides with graduation, there’s not enough time for this to happen.  Kids move on to high school without the support of a core group of friends at church.  We want this to change.

Why now?

Given the added challenge of Covid, with the need for social distancing and online learning, this seemed like a good year to make the change by postponing preparation until high school. We’re very, very excited about the possibilities ahead.  It’s okay, though, if you make different plans.  If you decide to choose another church for Confirmation so that it can take place in Grade 6, we understand, and your family will always be welcome at St. Ignatius.  Please let us know if you need attendance records or other assistance.

Regarding Catholic high schools:   We’ll continue to complete reference forms for applicants as usual, based on their family involvement and participation in Catch the Wave.  We’re in good communication with the high schools if they have questions about our program. 

Feedback or questions?

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