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What can I Expect?

  • Alpha is organised as a series of sessions over 11 weeks starting on Wednesday March 22, including a one day summit (from Friday, May 5th, 7pm to Saturday, May 6th 7pm at Manoir D’Youville)

  • Each session starts with a meal, followed by a talk and  discussions in small groups.

Alpha Spring 2023

COST: Free

(donation suggested for meal) 

Alpha is a series of interactive sessions
that freely explore the basics of the Christian faith.

What is Alpha?

Alpha at St. Ignatius
is not so much a course,
but an experience!

Coming together once a week over a three month period,  people from every walk of life explore the big questions in a friendly, open and non-judgmental environment.

Alpha typically takes place online thourgh zoom or in-person.  Plenty of care goes into creating a comfortable and welcoming space, open to all.

But no matter where Alpha takes place, the format is the same.  We begin by sharing a meal. After eating together, we listen to a talk and then gather in small groups for discussion.   There is also a weekend “offsite” retreat midway through the experience.

Alpha is a regular occurrence here at St. Ignatius. Alpha is an experience we hope that everyone can share in as we build community and open our doors to our neighbours. 

Who is Alpha for?

Alpha is for everyone and anyone.

The beauty of Alpha is that there are no questions that are too hostile, too silly or too simple. Alpha has no prerequisites whatsoever. We come together with one another as we are, free to be ourselves.

Worldwide impact

Over 29 million
people across the globe
have done Alpha.

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