Make a lasting difference

St. Ignatius of Loyola Parish is a welcoming and joyful spiritual home where people encounter Jesus, choose to follow Him, and become fully alive. We draw on the ‘3 Keys’ of Divine Renovation parish renewal to build a church of missionary disciple leaders. Those principals are: reliance on the Holy Spirit, the primacy of evangelization, and applying the best of leadership.  We dream that many of the missionaries we equip will leave our parish, plant new churches, and bring the Gospel to other parts of the city of Montreal.

We are at the forefront of Church Planting ‘Catholic Style’ and are laser-focused on the multiplication of mature missionary disciples and well-developed leaders to extend the reach of the Gospel where it is sorely needed in our city and its surroundings.

Therefore, we are looking for individuals who display passionate hunger for Christ’s mission, deep humility, and a healthy self-awareness. Our staff members will become leaders of leaders and makers of disciple-makers. If you are ready to be challenged and to grow like never before, and have a ton of fun while doing it, then you might be the right person for the job!

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