We worship in rows,
but we grow in circles

Gather with a small group of friends to eat, learn, share, and pray. In a word, grow! Happening in kitchens, balconies, and living rooms all around Montreal.

Small Groups are gatherings of 4 to 12 people who meet in homes all around Montreal, pursuing authentic community and spiritual growth together. Typically, a group will meet weekly or bi-weeky for about 1.5 hours which includes time to eat, learn, discuss, share, and pray. 

A small group gathering might look like this: 

5 min   – opening prayer
30 min – eat & share 
20 min – learn
20 min – discuss
15 min – prayer time

Why small groups?

Authentic community

In the wake of pandemic restrictions and facing a splintering society, we have become aware more than ever that we each need authentic community. Find a place where you can let the walls down, be known by others in a safe context, and be loved just as you are. Find your people. 


Spiritual growth

We like to define spiritual growth as a growing faith in God validated by a growing love for God and others. In other words, growing spiritually means becoming a better lover of others. Become a more patient, kind, understanding, and all around better version of yourself. 


Form a small group

Who do you already know that you’d love to hang out with and grow with? Ask them to start a Small Group with you.

Learn to love your small group

People love their groups when they are safe, authentic, honest and vulnerable. These things require consistency, and commitment. Early on, every group will discuss these key decisions: how often will we meet, and for how long will we remain committed? 

People love the feeling of belonging. Belong to your group by contributing to your group. Make the gatherings a priority, bring a dish, offer to help by organizing something, or sharing a talent. 

People love their groups when they are more than just the regular gatherings. Attend Mass together, serve together, get out there and do something fun!