Sacramental Preparation
for kids & teens


At St. Ignatius, forming young disciples is our priority. We also recognize that children & teens develop in different ways and at different rates. Employing a “readiness model” allows children to grow at their own pace and receive the sacrament only when they truly are ready.

Preparing for the sacraments is an experience that should build a joyful, fruitful, and lasting relationship with Jesus within a community.

First Reconciliation
& First Communion

Prep classes for First Communion and First Reconciliation are offered several times a year. Typically, children should be in Grade 3 or higher.

Cost: 200$

Stage 1: Participation

First, register your child and make a habit of attending mass regularly so your child feels connected to the community and comfortable at mass. Bring them to Catch the Wave and/or the Good Shepherd Atrium for at least a year (20 sessions.)

Stage 2: Readiness

Next, look for signs of readiness in your child. Here are a few:

  • Do they enjoy coming to church?
  • Do they have a good attitude towards prayer?
  • Can they mostly stay focused and participate during mass?
  • Are they curious about receiving Jesus in Communion?

See the Parent Handbook below for some more detailed ideas

Stage 3: Prep Course

After your child has met the attendance requirements (20 times in a year), you’ll be invited to think about whether they are ready, and if so, to register for an upcoming nine-week intensive prep program.


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Confirmation will take place on May 26, 2024 at the 10am Mass.

Ignation plus Confirmation – $200
Ignation only – $150 

To be ready for Confirmation, a young person must have been baptized and have received their First Communion. In addition, they must freely desire Confirmation as a next step in faith.

Although there are no specific age requirements, we recommend Grade 7 and up.

First step:

Sign up for our youth program, Ignation, and participate during the fall.

Second step:

Take the 10-week prep course plus a retreat in the spring (retreat date TBD).

The Confirmation prep course takes place within Ignation. Ignation takes place in the Church Hall on Thursdays, beginning October 26:

  • Tweens (grades 4-6): from 5 to 7pm, including dinner
  • Early high school (grades 7-9): from 7 to 9pm
  • Upper high school (grades 10 to 12): from 7 to 9pm


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