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How wonderful that you are seeking this beautiful sacrament for your child!

The First Communion process at St. Ignatius is a two-year commitment.  It is for Catholic children in Grade 3 and up who have attended church (Catch the Wave) for at least one year.

What this means is that regular attendance at mass is required during the year before enrolling in sacramental prep. The target number we have set is approximately 20 times a year.

Parents whose children have attended Catch the Wave regularly during their Grade 2 year will be contacted directly in late spring to sign up for the 2019-20 program.

Monthly meetings in the evening for children and parents will take place from September to May, on Tuesday evenings from 7pm to 8pm.  Children are also expected to attend Catch the Wave on Sundays.

First Communion will take place on May 24, 2020.


My child is in Grade 3, but did not attend a church program last year. Can she still sign up?

If a child was not attending a church program last year, they will first have to attend Catch the Wave regularly (20 times in a year).  After a year of regular attendance, they can join the First Communion prep program.

Why is attendance at mass required?

It is our dearest wish that children who receive their sacraments here at St. Ignatius have a feeling that they truly belong here — that this church is a home and a family for them.

In order for this to happen, the kids need to come to church regularly, so they experience it as a routine, a comfortable place where they are known, a place where they can come to know Jesus and His love.  Our “Catch the Wave” program at the Sunday 11:00 mass gives the kids a group experience where they can learn about Bible stories, make friends, and connect with the larger community.  

Is there a cost?
A one time fee of $150 is charged for the  prep program.
How do I sign up?

Parents will be sent an enrollment form after their kids have completed one year in Catch the Wave.


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